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In Search of the Miraculous ~ P. D. Ouspemsky

It always surprises me that people who have read dozens of new age books don’t know Ouspensky. The Gurdjieff/Ouspensky ‘system’ is a source for scores of modern spiritual books, and In Search of the Miraculous is the story of Ouspensky’s discipleship under Gurdjieff. Perhaps the best book on the fourth way. Highly recommended.

William Page

The Fourth  Way ~ P. D. Ouspensky

I understand that this book is out of fashion. That’s a shame, but then Ouspensky said that the Fourth Way will never be popular because it demands effort. This book is of his lectures, with questions and answers.

Ouspensky, the teacher, was not very interested in inspiring his students with the mysteries of the higher worlds. But he was interested in outlining the practices and principles that give us the possibility of changing our ‘being.’ He doesn’t entice; he says: this is what you need to do and these are the laws the govern the process.

If you are disappointed with belief and hope and want answers, this book is for you. Highly recommended.

William Page

Discourses ~ Meher Baba

One of the great, overlooked spiritual books of the twentieth century. It is a eastern work, but concepts like Sanskaras, Karma, and Maya are all explained, so that western readers should have no difficulty understanding what is being talked about. The sections on reincarnation are the best I’ve ever read. There is an objectivity to this work that makes it stand out when compared to so many contemporary spiritual works. For example at the end of the book there is section called ‘The Conditions of Happiness,’ where Meher Baba lays out exactly what a man needs to achieve to be happy. Highly recommended.

William Page