Shakespeare, Gurdjieff, and the Idea of Good and Evil

When Shakespeare created Iago, he imagined a character that had never been seen in literature: a brilliant and sophisticated...

When Life Is Uncertain

In the summer before my last year in high school my older sister’s best friend, Jeni, was killed in...

The Fourth Way and Science

Gurdjieff and Ouspensky had an affinity for science. Gurdjieff was interested...

Prayer as a Method of Inner Work

Before I can begin to talk about prayer and how it relates to inner work, I am going to...

Being Present and Self-Remembering

Part of what we are doing in choosing one effort over another is attempting to bring emotion into the...

Mask of Sennedjem

 An Inconvenient Idea

It always amazes me that more people are not interested in the idea of conscious evolution.  The idea that a man (or woman) can, by making specific inner efforts, establish a permanent principle of self-consciousness...

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G I Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff, Gnostics, and the Divinity of Christ

At the age of five I was sent to Catholic school and almost immediately got into trouble with the priests and nuns who ran the parish. When I look back on it now, it’s clear that my main problem was that I had no talent for belief. I never understood why I should give up my own judgment...

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P D Ouspensky

P. D. Ouspensky Among the Lunatics

When I worked at a psychiatric clinic in my youth, I convinced the supervising nurse at the hospital to hire a friend of mine...

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Being Present

Words, Words, Words

According to the Kabbalists the twenty-two letters of the ancient Hebrew alphabet are the building blocks of the universe. God manipulated these letters (into words) to create everything in the physical universe. As a result the Jewish mystic believes that he can imitate God by, first, having the proper intention and, then, by pronouncing specific words from ancient Hebrew. It…

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Michel de Montaigne.
Stories, Travel

On Travel

I find it hard to talk to a man who knows little of history and little of what the rest of the world thinks. This kind of man is too often trapped by his own opinions.

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