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Gare de l’Est

Gare de l’Est I stood before the train station today and watched as a multitude of people fled from themselves to the city’s splendor and decay; I had not seen so many overcome with dread. Some were lost inside themselves,...

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Saint Petersburg (Departure)

Saint Petersburg (Departure) The drops at the station were for you— not tears—just a shower of rain; a mist washed over the city and hid the sadness of Saint Peter’s pain. The sky could not weep for what you didn’t understand or...

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The Bow of Ulysses

The Bow of Ulysses Property is an idea. This was understood once. A night of revolving planets and falling stars was not so distant then. The world was without tenants, no one claimed it, no one said ‘mine’ or ‘ours.’ The rain...

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